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Discover MeetnTap NFC business cards. All your information will be transferred immediately. Using NFC technology, MeetnTap cards can share all your information when tapped against any smartphone. No more tinkering with old paper business cards. Put all your information where people spend most of their time: ON THEIR MOBILE PHONES.

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MeetnTap Digital Business Cards

Advanced technologies have simplified the process of attracting customers, eliminating the need for traditional printed business cards.

Today we hold the power of digital business cards, our key to exchanging information with only one tap.

Contactless digital business cards are made with the latest NFC-chip technology, making the transfer instantaneous with any NFC-supported smartphone by placing the card above the phone.

What type of information will be transferred?

Whatever information you want to include. From phone numbers to your portfolio, social media profiles, anything you could think about can be shared. Valuable information could be incorporated, such as your picture, bio, logo, email address, and anything that would not fit in a paper business card.

Which phones are equipped with NFC reader?

All flagship smartphones that emerged since 2019 have an NFC reader, alongside most mid-range phones. All Samsung devices have this feature since 2014, and iPhones from the X-series and up Click here for more information.

Meetntap Testimonial
  • This card has proven to be very useful in my line of work, as I meet different people every day with whom I need to connect. The aspect I love most about it is that it’s environmentally friendly.


    Sales Manager : Qatar

  • Fast, convenient, and effortless. I can honestly see people exclusively using this type of cards in the very near future.


    Entrepreneur : Georgia

  • I love telling people about my card when they show interest in it. It’s like magic at first, and once I explain it and show it to them, everyone just wants their own.


    Fashion Designer : Norway

  • The tag was a lovely addition, and just so convenient! Thank you MeetnTap for this smart solution, great purchase!


    Restaurant Manager : Kiev

  • Such lasting material for such a sustainable product. As part of our environmental CSR, I proposed replacing all our business cards with these, and the idea was a great hit with management. We even got to customize our own design and brand it. Highly recommended for corporate use.


    HR Manager : France

  • I’m always ready to share my contact info with anyone at any time, if it’s not the card in my wallet, it the tag I stuck to the back of my phone. Super convenient and always a fruitful conversation starter.


    Business Woman : Turkey

  • I used to forget my business cards all the time. That's no longer the case as my tag is always on my phone wherever I go.


    Doctor : Uzbekistan

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